Scientific Computing

Numerical Simulation of Lasers

  • modelling of physical effects in solid-state-lasers
  • calculation of beam quality, output power and pulse width
  • laser resonators and amplifiers
Christoph Pflaum, Ramon Springer

Numerical Solution of PDE’s by Sparse Grids

  • sparse Grids reduce the computaional amount for solving PDE’s
  • efficient algorithms for solving high dimensional  PDE’s with variable coefficients on sparse grids
  • solution of high dimensional Schrödinger equation
  • convergence analysis, numerical analysis

Talk on sparse grids

Christoph Pflaum

Numerical Simulation of Thin Film Solar Cells

  • numerical solution of  Maxwell’s equations on high performance computers
  • algorithms for the simulation of plasmonic effects
  • numerical  analysis of iterative solvers
  • simulation of  organic and  silicon solar cells
Christoph Pflaum