Research Day – Mar 28

On this week’s Research Day we have a public program item:

13:00    Benjamin – work in progress (WIP):

                Improving Convergence of Adaptive Refinement on HHG

14:00    Nils (Copper Mountain Finalist’s Rehearsal ?)

                Multigrid Methods using Block Floating Point Arithmetic 


Block floating point (BFP) arithmetic is currently seeing a resurgence in interest because it requires less power, less chip area, and is less complicated to implement in hardware than standard floating point arithmetic. This paper explores the application of BFP to mixed- and progressive-precision multigrid methods, enabling the solution of linear elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs) in energy- and hardware-efficient integer arithmetic. While most existing applications of BFP tend to use small block sizes, the block size here is chosen to be maximal such that matrices and vectors share a single exponent for all entries. We provide algorithms for BLAS-like routines for BFP arithmetic that ensure exact vector-vector and matrix-vector computations up to a specified precision, and using these algorithms, we experimentally study the asymptotic precision requirements to achieve discretization-error-accuracy.

The Research Day will be hybrid. If you like to attend on Zoom, please write a short e-mail to to receive the credentials.

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