Internship at IFPEN: Lattice-Boltzmann methods applied to wind farm flow simulations

Lattice-Boltzmann methods applied to wind farm flow simulations: improving the wind turbine models and benchmarking

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is currently looking for a student for a 6-month internship.

IFPEN, together with Erlangen University, (FAU), is currently implementing wind turbine models (based on actuator disk and actuator line) and models for atmospheric boundary layer simulations within the waLBerla solver. The main motivation of this work is to take advantage of the high performance of the Lattice Boltzmann method, compared with more traditional Navier-Stokes approaches. Using several GPUs, we target real-time simulation capabilities for a complete wind farm.

Within the proposed internship, the work is dedicated to the improvement of the wind turbine models, by implementing (among other models) a simple wind turbine controller. It is also plan to set-up a “precursor” methodology, consisting in initialising the atmospheric boundary layer using a periodic domain, and then include the wind turbines using an open domain [1]. Validation cases will be identified in the literature and comparisons against reference data will be performed. Furthermore, comparisons against Navier-Stokes approaches are envisaged.


Expected skills:

  • Basic knowledge in aerodynamic
  • Knowledge of and desire to work with Python and C++.
  • The candidate must be able to interact in English with its supervisors.

Contact :

More Information can be found here: Lattice-Boltzmann methods applied to wind farm flow simulations