DFG Research Unit “FOR5134: Solidification cracks during laser beam welding – High performance computing for high performance processes”

The Chair for System Simulation (LSS) is part of the DFG funded research unit FOR5134 “Solidification Cracking during Laser Beam Welding – High Performance Computing for High Performance Processes”.

As a flexible and contactless joining technology, laser beam welding has increasingly gained importance. Processing of alloys with large melting range poses a challenge due to their solidification crack tendency. Despite the high industrial relevance, current approaches are only addressing single aspects of the problem. Therefore, researchers have been working within the research unit FOR5134 in seven sub-projects since 2021 on developing a predictive, efficient and highly scalable multi-scale and multi-physical simulation framework in order to develop a quantitative process understanding on the mechanisms of solidification crack formation.

In this interdisciplinary research unit with experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, production engineering, materials science and engineering, mathematics and computer science, the LSS is involved in two sub-projects, namely  “Massively Parallel Simulation of the Melt Pool Area during the Laser Beam Welding Process with the Lattice-Boltzmann-Method” and “Sustainable data and software management for research software to simulate solidification cracks in laser beam welding”.