Ferienakademie 2023

Simulation for the Energy Transition
September 17 – 29, 2023
Sarntal Valley, South Tyrol, Italy


Application deadline: May 1st
First meeting (virtual): 14.7.23, 1 p.m.



Dominik Göddeke

Ulrich Rüde

Eric Sonnendrücker



Research Associates

Samuel Kemmler

Robin Lautenschlager


Course description
With the increasing global demand for cleaner and more sustainable energy, simulations are becoming increasingly relevant in predicting the behavior of energy systems and markets, and in identifying effective strategies for the energy transition.
In this course, we will implement simulations that can support the energy transition. The course consists of two phases: the presentation phase (first week) and the project phase (second week).
In the presentation phase, each participant will give a talk about a topic relevant for the upcoming project phase. Those topics range from numerical algorithms to physical phenomena and programming.
In the project phase, the students form groups and work on one of the following topics:

  1. Simulation of wind turbines in a channel flow to determine the optimal positioning (from scratch implementation in Python)
  2. Wave turbine simulation using OpenFOAM
  3. Simulation of the CO2 emissions of a heat pump for varying parameters (temperature, solar panels, battery storage, etc.)
  4. Detailed simulation of a solar panel for optimal energy production

These topics will be addressed using a wide range of approaches:

  1. From-scratch implementations vs. adaptation of existing codes
  2. Lattice-Boltzmann and Finite Elements for forward simulations
  3. Various optimization techniques
  4. Self-brewed surrogates and simplifications vs. resolving geometries and flow details

The final format is completely open and depends on the interaction while in Sarntal. Teams of participants will compete on the same topic using different methods, and/or will work towards covering as many topics as possible, e.g. by simulating offshore wind parks anchored on tidal-driven generators, for a convincing final presentation.

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